Sunday, April 06, 2008

WiiFlash with Papervision3D and Phidgets Servomotor

A short video of using the Wiimote and WiiFlash to send data to a Papervision3D scene and at the same time to a servomotor.

To smoothen out the movement of the cube I used the code found here - UPDATE: link is being reported as unsafe, so i removed it, see source files for code - and I then used Tweener which makes it very smooth :-).

Source files:


  1. Just to let you know, that udon.nudoru page is reported as an attatck page by Mozilla, scary red screen and all!

  2. Big thanks to Jeff Winder for this code. We have created a Wii Flash golfer project in university with this. It was great fun but a massive challenge. Take a look at it here

  3. @Adam, you're welcome, glad I could help...