Tuesday, July 15, 2008

WiiFlash and the UMap v1.0 component

UMap is an ActionScript 3.0 Mapping API, released by afcomponents. The free component allows you to create maps with interactive data layers. When I was playing around with it, it suddenly ocurred to me that you can combine this with WiiFlash.

So here is a video that demonstrates just that :-).

What you need to make this work is:
- a wii remote controller
- a nunchuck controller
- the wiiflash server and api
- a bluetooth enabled computer

The video shows a couple of things:
- using the wii remote minus and plus buttons to zoom out and in.
- using the wii remote up, down, left and right buttons to pan the map.
- using the nunchuck joystick as your mouse (with a custom mouse cursor), including a CLICK event.
- using the pitch and roll of the nunchuck, while holding the z button, to pan in an alternative way.

Source files: WiiFlash_UMap.zip

UPDATE 16.07.08:
If you have a wiimote and nunchuck you can to try it online, here is the online version:


Make sure you download the latest WiiFlash server (0.4.1), because that one allows your wii controllers to send data to online swf's! It's a little buggy, so you may have to click Continue and then refresh the page once or a couple of times :-).

Download Windows version

Download Mac version
(Alpha version, 30 Jun. 2008)

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