Saturday, December 10, 2011

FaceOSC and AIR working example

I got a couple of questions about how to make an AIR app listen for FaceOSC, as shown in these two previous posts, so I've put together a basic 'one class' working example in Flash Builder.

What do you need?

FaceOSC (mac only, already included in my download project in the faceOSC folder)
Osculator (mac only)
This as3 Tuio library to make it easier listening for the OSC messages from FaceOSC (also already included in the src folder)

Actually you don't need Osculator to make the FaceOSC to AIR protocol work, but you need it to open the FaceOSC-Osculator.oscd file - in the osculator folder - that comes with FaceOSC in order to see all the OSC addresses that Kyle used for the facial gestures and expressions. Note that you cannot run the Osculator file and the AIR app simultaneously as they use the same port.

I also exported the project as an AIR app, which you can find in the air folder. A certificate is included, the password is 1234. Basically, you just need to open up FaceOSC and publish the Flash Builder project, or run the AIR app. You can download the example project here.


  1. Hoi Jeff! Leuk om te zien dat je vernieuwende dingen blijft posten. Wellicht tot ziens @ FITC.

    Sander (ex-DNB)

  2. Zou zomaar eens kunnen, ik zie een paar leuke namen staan.