Sunday, February 07, 2010

Video tutorial: Hooking Up Your Wii Remote In Unity Indie

I've put together a (7-part) video tutorial that shows you how to get your Wii Remote working in Unity Indie. In short, I send data from the Wii Remote to Flash, and then these data are being passed to Unity.

So the tutorial covers two things:
Exchanging data between Flash and Unity with U3dObject
Hooking up your wiimote with WiiFlash

If you don't have a wiimote or are not interested in the wii part, the video may still be worth watching if you want to know how to set up communication between Flash and Unity; something that could serve many more purposes than just the wii thing.

The videos discuss only the Wii Remote, but hooking up your Nunchuck is just as easy. Also, the balance board is supported by WiiFlash.

The tutorial got a little longer than I had in mind - total running time is 55 minutes - but if you have a Flash or/and Unity background, you may want to skip forward here and there.

I have bundled two example projects, which you can find here. I included the simple project from the video tutorial, and also a second project, which demonstrates how to hook up the Wii Remote and Nunchuck to Unity's FPS_Tutorial.

UPDATE: In the video I say that the latest mac version of the WiiFlash server - 0.4.5 - was not working for me. I have tried it again, and now it seems to work fine - not sure what happened last time. Keep in mind though that you may have to tell it to open in 32-bit mode. Right-click on the app, select Get Info and check the Open in 32-bit Mode checkbox.


  1. muy buenos tus video tutoriales, por favor no tienes unos en español, te lo agradeceria muchisimo si tuvieses algun en español

    muchas gracias por el aporte, estoy que hago un proyecto aca en Peru, usando el Wiiflash,
    por favor si tienes informacion puedes escribirme a:

    muchas gracias...

  2. hi Marco,

    thanks for your reply. I'm afraid I can't help you with a Spanish version of this tutorial due to my no hablo espanol situation :).

  3. OMG, this is awesome work you've done. I'll try it out and give you feedback pretty soon, probably in your post in the unity forum!
    Best regards,

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  6. Can Unity work with MotionPlus?

  7. WiiFlash doesn't support Motionplus yet.

  8. Thanks for sharing this because it could be useful, so I've been trying to get this and I didn't get it, maybe I'm doing something wrong, Could you give me some recommendations?.

  9. I wanted to learn some techniques about it, so with this tutorial is easier because it show us step by step the correct process.

  10. i like this toturial v much :)

    dear I am a final year student of bachelors of computer science and have to make a 3d squash game using wiimote. here is its some description... The player stands in front of Computer and performs real time gestures to interact with this application. The player holds a wiimote is his hand and can navigate on the menus of the game using the sensor bar and makes an arm movement to control the racket orientation and positioning on the display screen. The movements involve making a service gesture or a smash to the ball.

    Please suggest unity will help me in this task ? ? i have just to deploy this game on windows not on wii console so the free versions of unity will give me the functionality of wiimote programming ? . and plz give me general tips n suggestion for this game as i am a biggner of unity engine....


  11. Where do I get flex builder from?

  12. Getting the Error: SecurityError: Error #2060
    After just putting in "myEvent" and "myParam"...

    (ps: Running wiiFlash 0.4.5 and tried both versions of u3dobj - on windows 7).

    Thanks :)

  13. Good Mourning. Firs of all, sorry about my english.

    Man, I'd like to know if I can make work the wii remote with the sensor bar. I mean, I want to create a FPS game that REALLY make use of the Wii remote as the cross hair with the sensor bar. I really appreciate if you can help me with this.


  14. yes, wiiflas supports the sensor bar.

  15. One question. I want yo make a PC WINDOWS built using this are making a browser build, do i do to make the PC WINDOWS build? I see on and your examples that you're usig the HTML files to make the browser build...I appreciate your help.


  16. This tut is based on the idea of talking with js via the browser, I wouldn't know how to make that work for a desktop build.

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